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Welcome to Play Roulette Online for real money, this is a site dedicated to giving you as much information as possible to make your online roulette playing as enjoyable and safe as can be. Roulette has been a popular casino game since it was first invented in 18th century France by Blaise Pascal. The table game has taken on many changes throughout the years but has always remained a firm favourite among casino players. Now roulette has come along way from the 18th century game, it’s now the 21st century and people no longer have to leave their homes to enjoy a spin or two of the lucky for some roulette table. Since playing roulette for real money is now a regular at many of the online casinos available.

Where to play roulette online?

Playing roulette for real money is simple, all you need to do is find an online casino that has the roulette game of your preference. In today’s online world there are many casinos to choose from and many types of roulette even. Some of the best online casinos to play roulette for real money are listed here below to help you out when looking for that perfect place to play:

Vera & John Casino:  This casino offers 8 different flash roulette games for you to choose from, in a simple easy to use layout this is a great casino to play for real money. From the Vera & John Casino homepage, you can move directly to table games where you will find the roulette games clearly marked by an easy to spot icon of a roulette wheel. To start playing roulette for real money you will of course need to have an account with Vera&John Casino, so sign up to start playing. Sign up now at: Vera & John Casino

Come On Casino: This popular casino has 7 flash roulette games to choose from, all of which can be played for real money or you can try your luck for fun until you get the hang of the game and decide if it is the type of online roulette you prefer. Come On Casino has all the roulette games in one handy tab on the left hand side of the homepage, in that tab you will find all the roulette games on offer. They even have a 3D version of roulette which you can also play online for real money. Some games even have a dealer that interacts with the players just as if you are at a real life casino playing roulette. Sign up now at: Come On Casino

Redbet Casino: This casino offers 3 online roulette games in their Casino Red section and another 3 flash roulette games in Casino Blue plus a whole range of live roulette tables in the live casino section of Redbet Casino. Playing in the live casino roulette for real money is played against other players around the world with the roulette wheel being spun by real live dealers. By choosing Redbet Casino you have the best of both worlds when it comes to playing roulette online for both fun or for real money. Sign up now at: Redbet Casino

Choosing between low stakes or high stakes roulette online

Most online casinos will offer you more than one variation of the roulette game you choose, so when playing roulette for real money you would need to know the difference between the types of game offered. The most common are low stakes and high stakes games although some casinos will offer a medium stake game too.

Low stakes game: A low stake game of online roulette whether for real money or playing for fun means that the bet limit for each position on the roulette table is relatively low say 1 euro per position for example. Low stakes roulette games will have a maximum bet that you can’t go over no matter if you are playing for real money or for fun; this helps you to keep your funds for a longer time and stop you from making huge bets you may regret later.

Medium stakes game: Medium stake roulette games have a slightly higher maximum bet than the low stakes game but you are still playing online roulette with a limit so depending on your bank roll you may opt to paly this variation and splash a little more cash for every spin of the roulette wheel for real money. The chips will also come in a higher denomination range for this kind of game.

High stakes game: The high stakes version of roulette both online and in land based casinos is usually very high and can up to 8 or 10 thousand for every single spin of the wheel. This is of course only advisable if you have this kind of disposable cash, as with any casino game there is always a chance you might lose so choose this option with care. Of course if you want to play online roulette with high stakes for fun, then there is no harm in that but make sure you know there are no certainties in gambling when you decide to play for real money.

How to be sure the roulette game is fair?

Playing roulette online can make some people nervous or give them doubts as to whether it is genuine or just a fix from the online casinos, especially when playing for real money that you have worked hard for. Well the good news is that with all the regulations regarding online gambling most of the major casinos today can be trusted but of course there are always a few cowboys in every business.

So how can you know they are reliable and trustworthy, the first step would be to check for a recognised gambing license such as the LGA license that is issued from Malta or the RGL license which is issued from Gibralter. Next you can see if they have been certified by an independent security site such as McAfee, Truste or GPWA. These will let you know that everything is above board and that all your information will be handled in the strictest confidence and security.

But how will you know if the numbers that appear on the wheel are really random numbers or if the casino is fixing to always have the upper hand? You can rest assured that most online casinos use RNG, which stands for random number generator. A lot of the online casinos where you can play roulette for real money on will have the RNG icon at the bottom of the site or on the security page. The random number generator will randomly choose a number that has absolutely no pattern, so it is impossible for the players or the casino to cheat in any way. Playing roulette from home has never been safer or more fun!

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